The New Forest Outdoor Centre is located within the beautiful New Forest National Park. Surrounded by nature and wildlife, we feel very fortunate to be able to share this glorious environment with our clients and take great pride in our work to create a venue that can be enjoyed for its woodland location as well as its excellent programme facilities and staff team.

Getting to us

Given the rural location the public transport links are not straightforward. The simplest option is to combine train travel with local taxis or coach firms. We encourage our visitors to use public transport or share transport where possible.

Staying in the Forest

For those wishing to have a multi-day programme we offer camping, bivouacing or overnights in our purpose built Shepherd hut style accommodation. All are set within the estate woodland allowing attendees to remain on site where they can enjoy the peace and tranquility of our beautiful surroundings. Catered meals are from local caterers, many of whom have achieved the new Forest Marque award. We also have a woodland bar stocked with locally produced wines and ales. There are hotels that can be reached by bicycle from the Centre. Our local 'green leaf businesses' are listed on the New Forest official visitors site.

Running the centre

We take great care in working with our surroundings to ensure we do not have a negative impact on our environment and are actively taking steps to improve it by maintaining woodland margins, planting trees and creating wildlife habitats. Our barn is heated with a wood burning stove which burns wood that is sustainably sourced from the estate. The wood burner also heats the hot water for the sinks and showers. Recycling is key to us and we aim to recycle as much as possible and encourage our visitors to help us with this. We extend our recycling initiative to cover building materials and reuse many items as we refurbish the Centre. Timber from the estate is incorporated into our activities and buildings including the cladding of our main barn. We have our own mobile sawmill to process what we require on site. We use compostable bin bags, buy recycled paper when appropriate and use eco-cleaners.
All our visitors are made aware of our green policy at the start of each programme so that they know our intent and can join us in enjoying and maintaining our environmentally and socially sustainable venue.

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