We offer an exciting range of team tasks for outdoor team building programmes and sessions at the New Forest Outdoor Centre. Any of our team tasks can be included in a bespoke programme and tasks can be tailored to meet specific training or learning objectives.

While these team tasks are perfect for our team development, leadership development and organisational development outdoor team building, not all the tasks are appropriate for fun team builds or adult activity sessions. We will always suggest the most appropriate team tasks for your programme or session to ensure that your objectives are met. We are also able to organise more unusual indoor team tasks - from ceramic workshops to chocolate making, please do ask for more details.

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Minefield, All Change and Over/Under are all team tasks that require the team members to balance on planks and work together to cross treacherous areas.

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Canister Retrieval

The canister retrieval team task challenge requires team members to work together to retrieve the canister of radioactive isotope from the exclusion zone and then dispose of it safely.

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Ski Walks

Ski Walk, Caterpillars and Tyre Progress are more physical team task challenges where the team must complete a course manoeuvring on the skis or balancing on the tyres. Depending on the needs of the programme, the instructors may add 'complications' to the tasks.

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Spider's Webs

Spider's Web, Multi Web and Web Trap are team tasks that involve the passage of each member of the team through a horizontal or vertical web structure without disturbing the spider!

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Blindfold Tasks

These are team task challenges that have to be performed blindfolded. Without the use of a sense so many of us take for granted, simple tasks such as pitching a tent or creating a perfect square shape from a length of rope take on new difficulty. Team members need to learn to rely on their team mates and work together to complete tasks that would normally be elementary. If required we can introduce more unusual tasks, such at herding sheep into a pen.

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Flintstone Cars

The Flintstone Car Build involves building your transport to get from A to B using the equipment provided in a Flintstone manner. Instructors may increase the challenge with additional rules.


A range of team tasks that involve communication skills including signalling and Chinese whispers.

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Aqualogical Challenges

These 'wet' team challenges are always popular and we have a selection of tasks that involve moving water over a set distance or using water to float objects from a tube. The tasks can be combined with a physical task such as tyre progress to increase the challenge.
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Key facts

  • Allow at least 45mins for a team task activity
  • Ideal for all types of programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • Can accommodate more than one group at a time in the problem-solving zone
  • Low to moderate physical activity, with some tasks involving lifting
  • Many of these team tasks can be incorporated into offsite programmes
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