These tasks are designed to encourage cooperative problem solving. They require a thinking approach that benefits from the creativity of many minds.

The timetable always allows for a period of reflection and review following the problem-solving activity, facilitated by our trained instructors or programme facilitator, to stimulate appropriate discussion and action points. There is a large choice of tasks and we will always suggest the most relevant and appropriate for your programme requirements, often tailoring a task. Many of our problem solving challenges can be solved either indoors or out and so can be included as a wet-weather alternative or part of a winter programme.

Problem solving tasks are ideal for our team development, leadership development and organisational development team building programmes and some of the challenges can be adapted for inclusion in a fun team build or adult activity session. Please ask for advice. The session is facilitated at all times by either an instructor or facilitator. Problem-solving tasks are suitable for adults and some of the challenges may be adapted for young people.

activities onsite team prob rs 1

Frogs and Toads

A mathematical challenge that involves swapping frogs and toads on lily pads. The team can even be the frogs and toads!

activities onsite team prob rs 4


Assembling a piece of flat pack furniture with poorly translated instructions comes close to this absorbing challenge!

activities onsite team prob rs 5


A large scale version of the ancient Chinese moving piece puzzle. The participants must use the seven geometric pieces to produce various images.

activities onsite team prob rs 8

Shunting Puzzle

For closet train enthusiasts who want to rearrange railway carriages on a short section of track.

activities onsite team prob rs 9

Maze Map

The team must produce a map of a roped maze that they can only explore blindfolded.

activities onsite team prob rs 2

Grid Zone

The team works its way across the grid remembering the safe path or sequence of moves required.

activities onsite team prob rs 6

Impossible Puzzle

Try putting together our giant puzzle that has a no printed image to help - guaranteed to test even the most practiced jigsaw puzzler.

activities onsite team prob rs 7

Tower Puzzle

A mathematical challenge with a physical solution. Simply move the tyres into a new position - just sounds too easy!

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