We offer a huge selection of team activities with some being more suitable than others for inclusion in a specific type of programme.

Please discuss your objectives with us and we will advise on the most appropriate activities. For our bespoke programmes we always tailor the individual activity to meet your exact needs. Team activities are perfect for fun team days as well as including as part of learning for a bespoke team development, leadership development or organisational development programme.

Low ropes activities onsite team lowropes rs 3

The low ropes course consists of a series of linked challenges. The ropes, wires, platforms and other course elements that make up the "obstacles" are no more than 50cm high but the team members must remain off the ground as they negotiate the course. The low ropes requires good team work to complete successfully.

Team challenge course activities onsite team challenge rs 2

This is a hands-on team activity designed to encourage participants to think about co-operating and supporting one another. It consists of a series of large structures and obstacles that have to be negotiated.

Team tasks activities onsite team tasks rs 1

We offer an exciting range of team tasks for outdoor team building programmes and sessions at the New Forest Outdoor Centre. Any of our team tasks can be included in a bespoke programme and tasks can be tailored to meet specific training or learning objectives.

Problem solving challenges activities onsite team prob rs 2

These tasks are designed to encourage cooperative problem solving. They require a thinking approach that benefits from the creativity of many minds.

Trust exercises activities onsite team trust rs 3

Trust building exercises help a group to increase their team trust levels by developing mutual respect as well as an openness, understanding and empathy with their fellow peers.

Orienteering & treasure hunts activities onsite team orienteer rs 1

The New Forest Outdoor Centre is the perfect venue for organising orienteering courses and treasure hunts. Orienteering exercises both the mind and the body, with the aim being to navigate in sequence between control points marked on a map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time.

Construction challenges activities onsite team construction rs 1

You can choose from a large scale construction challenge, where the team members are equipped with hard hats, to small table-top projects that can be designed and modelled indoors, in our Carpenter's Barn.

Mountain biking activities onsite team mountain rs 6

The New Forest has a fabulous network of good quality gravel forest tracks and minor roads, which makes it ideal for excursions on a bike. The terrain in the forest is undulating with nothing too steep for you to cycle up or down. The scenery is stunning and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the views as well as take photos of the New Forest ponies, who pay no attention to the highway code!

Blindfold driving activities onsite team blind rs 1

Good teamwork and first class communication skills are absolutely crucial for this fun, challenging activity.

Bush craft activities onsite team bush rs 1

We offer a range of bush craft and survival skill activities at the New Forest Outdoor Centre including fire lighting, camp cooking, knife skills, mushroom foraging (seasonal), shelter building, navigation and animal tracking.

Water-based activities onsite team water rs 1

We offer a range of water-based activities at the outdoor centre. We have access to a large lake on the estate and from the shores we can launch a variety of craft.

Grand finales activities onsite team finales rs 1

At the end of an outdoor team building programme we can include a grand finale. This can vary from a head to head contest between teams testing their large scale constructions or it may be the first to the finish post, where the teams have to complete a series of team activities.

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