This James Bond style shooting activity turns most delegates from city slickers to special-forces agents in next to no time!

Crossbows were first introduced into England as far back as 1066 by the Normans and were primitive affairs. We deploy modern drawstring weapons, equipped with iron sights, giving delegates the opportunity to master a new/unusual skill. The session is supervised by fully-qualified instructors at all times. Crossbows are only suitable for adults over 18.

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Expert tuition

The activity begins with a full safety briefing. This is followed by expert tuition from our qualified instructors. Although a perfect activity for complete novices, a high level of skills and concentration is required to hit the target. After a practice period, where delegates can hone their new skill, we can introduce scoring depending on the needs of the programme.

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Safety first

Unlike many other team-building activities, crossbows rely on skill and judgment, rather than speed and adrenalin and so can be a welcome change for delegates when included in an outdoor team building programme. All the participants in the group are given a full safety briefing at the start of the session and spectators can offer encouragement to their team mates from the safety of the benches in the covered dug out.

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 45 mins
  • Ideal for programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for over 18s only
  • Low to moderate physical activity
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Visitor quote

"The crossbows were fantastic. Their power was quite scary to begin with but with the expert tuition I soon found I was beginning to hit the target."

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