This is traditionally the sport of lumberjacks and our axe-throwing legend of an instructor will generally play the part by sporting a check shirt!

Axe throwing is more about relaxation and rhythm than brute strength. It is fairly easy to master, with most people being able to get the axe on target after a few attempts but it is difficult to become consistently good. According to lumberjack custom, the best axe is the one that can cut a dollar bill in half! The activity begins with a full safety briefing and tuition from our qualified instructors. Axe throwing is suitable for adults only.

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Protected with flat-jacket and metal helmets, team members can start to hurl the double-bladed axes at the huge wooden target. With a small step, a flick of the wrist and usually a roar, the axes can be sent on their way. Brute force works for some but the delicate lob has seen good results. Depending on the needs of the group we can introduce scoring. 

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Safety first

Observers must stand in the designated safety area behind the "axers" at all times, from where they can offer encouragement and applaud those who hit the bull's eye. The session is supervised by fully-qualified instructors at all times. All the participants must wear safety jackets and helmets when throwing the axes or stars. Protective gauntlet gloves are also available.

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 45 mins
  • Ideal for programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults only
  • Reasonably physical activity
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Visitor quote

"I had my chance, just for a short time, to live out my fantasy of being a mad axe-man!"

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