Our unique high ropes course is hidden away in the woods and guests are always surprised to see the huge wooden structure rising out of the forest clearing.

There is a range of elements at different heights so the challenge level can be increased or varied through the session. From the highest elements there is a terrific view of the surrounding estate. The challenges on the high ropes course can be either personal or paired, depending on the needs of the group and we often include a high ropes session as part of a team development or leadership development programme, where specific learning objectives have been identified. It is also one of the most popular activities to include in a fun team build or a group activity session - the whoops and shrieks ring around the forest as individuals achieve their own personal goals! For groups staying on site overnight with their programme we may even be able to include a night climb.

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Variety of elements

The elements on the course include a pole climb, the stepping stones, a series of balancing traverses and the crate stacking challenge. Whilst the activity is physical in nature, the primary challenge is to overcome the natural perceived fear of being at height and managing our personal self talk. 

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Roles on the ground

Valuable roles are given to team members whilst they are on the ground, including the management of the safety ropes. This means that this activity can still be included even if some team members are physically less able or do not wish to go up high.

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Key facts

  • Allow at least 90 mins
  • Ideal for all types of programmes and group sessions
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • Can accommodate more than one group at a time
  • Reasonably physical activity with supporting roles on the ground
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Visitor quote

"I never in the world thought I would be able to balance across the high see-saw. I was elated that I managed it and I enjoyed it as well."

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