We offer a selection of activities at height with some being more appropriate than others for inclusion in a specific type of programme.

Please discuss your objectives with us and we will advise on the best activities to include. For our bespoke programmes we always tailor the individual activity to meet your exact needs. Activities at height are perfect for fun team days as well as including as part of learning for a bespoke team development, leadership development or organisational development programme. Some groups may have individuals who are not happy to be above ground level - this should not deter you from choosing an activity at height as there are always valuable roles on the ground.

High ropes activities onsite hgt about rs 1

Our unique high ropes course is hidden away in the woods and guests are always surprised to see the huge wooden structure rising out of the forest clearing.

Climbing and abseiling activities onsite hgt about rs 2

Once a mobile structure, our climbing tower has now been allowed to root itself deep in the forest! The cylindrical grey megalith reaches skyward from a grassy clearing and the views of the surrounding New Forest from the 'summit' are stunning.

Zip wire activities onsite hgt about rs 3

Our zip wire activity starts with a ladder climb to the high boughs of a huge oak tree. From there you can launch yourself down the zip line, to whistle through the air at speed for over 70 metres.

Giant tree climb activities onsite hgt about rs 4

A chance to recapture your childhood by climbing your way up the branches of a tall tree. Enjoy the experience of being up in the canopy and solving the puzzle of which branches to use as you thread your way higher and higher.

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